Eyebrow Alert

Just last thought for tonight- Pay Attention to your Eyebrows

A well-shaped set of eyebrows can completely alter your look. Take you to the levels of chic and sophisticated from unkempt and primal.

  • Stay away from brows that are too thin, too bushy or unkempt. Keep a classic, well- groomed shape that its timeless.
  • Although eyebrow blades can be easy to use, this can be only use for a short period time, throw away blunt blades as this may just damage not only your brows but also your skin.
  • Tweeze your brows. The skin around are eyes are thin and delicate so waxing can be damaging and painful. Invest in a good tweezers. Although its more tedious and time consuming to use than eyebrow blades, it is much safer when shaping your brows.
  • If your eyebrows need extra help, you could either seek help from your Make Up Artist-Normally, I advice my clients to follow the shape that I made, pluck out those excess strands when it starts to grow to maintain shaped eyebrows.
  • If your eyebrows are beyond remedy due to injury, illness, tweezing and waxing mishaps, there is tattooing. Just make sure that you really want to do it as this is permanent and is extremely painful. Find a great tattoo artist that specializes in eyebrows.
  • Other options available for you are eyebrow threading from your fave salon and DIY shaping using eyebrow stencil kit.

The place that you want people to focus should always be in the eyes, because they are the windows to your soul. Having a well groomed brow will just do that, bringing attention to your eyes and serving as a frame for the entire face.

ツ aby

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