Silangan Gardens for Pre Nup Shoot

I had a chance to visit Silangan Gardens, Antipolo for for the first time for Rich and Jason’s Pre nup shoot.

A breath-taking place, fresh air, lush greens and art on every corner. I love the garden by the cliff with ponds filled with lotus and fishes, the torched line path leading to a bamboo cottage, the huge courtyard with a swimming pool where perhaps great gatherings must have been held.

I also love the Main House, Ilocano-Mexican theme filled with art collections and antique furnitures and fixtures. More than anything its the refreshed feeling is what i like about this place, a place where you can just sit, ponder and relax. Just letting time flies while getting inspiration from the works of arts around you.

I appreciate that places as such are now open to the public. With an Entrance fee is at P50.00/person a refreshing treat away from the usual noise on the city.

*** check Jason and rich’s engagement shoot photos @

ツ aby

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