Its not hard at all

I’ve been obsessed in weight loosing these past months, although I haven’t achieved my desired figure, I lost 7 lbs already.

Most of the people i know calls me crazy, But what can I do, I want to look better.

So here are my few cheats/ diet tricks that might be useful to you:

1. Fiber First – eat fruit and fiber before anything else, by doing so any other food consumed during the day will easily pass through.

2. Glucose is Glu-cause – to battle bloat eliminate sweeteners, sugar alcohols from diet.

3. You Got to Move it – exercise! More than the physical improvements it makes you feel better.

4. The Key is the Core–  try  doing Yoga Plank Position-similar to push ups. This strengthens the core and the obliques, drawing your midsection up and in.

5. Stand Up Straight – good posture can make u an inch or 2 taller, thus slender.

Lastly, My Yoga instructor has taught us a new mantra- Navel to Spine. So whether you’re standing, sitting, dancing, driving, etc. make it a habit. It works for your abs. 🙂


Photo credits: Jay Jallorina

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