To Tiara or Not

Of course, we all want to like a princess on our wedding day. As in fairy tales, princesses wear tiaras, but wearing tiara’s can be little tricky.

Now if you decide to wear one on your big day, make sure to consider this simple rule: It should complement your wedding dress, your face shape and your hairstyle.

Here are some of the tips I’ve gathered for you.

Hair Up: Choose a petite design so i won’t sit so high and dominate your face. these intricate head-piece are normally attached in combs and can be easily slide onto hair. There is also Alice band tiaras, this is a simple satin or silk band embellished with rhinestones or other decorative pieces such as flowers that sits lowly on your head.

Best for: Long face shapes.

Hair Down: For this hairstyle, crowns with circular design is ideal, either made with metal or wire and worn centrally on top of the head. Coronet, a headpiece slightly smaller than crown can be worn on top of the head or perched on the side with your hair down.

Best for: Oval Shaped Faces

Hair Half Up: This would be the most flexible hairstyle to put tiaras on, but traditional tiara would be the most suitable. Placed slightly that reach the center, traditional tiaras are mostly embellished with crystals, pearls or semi-precious stones which should extend halfway along the sides

Best for: Heart Shaped faces

Worn with Veil: there’s 2 ways, either you pin your veil at the back on your head over a chignon and wear tiara on top of the head or wear the veil and tiara much closer together  by pinning the veil on top of your head just behind the tiara, though embellishments for the tiara and veil should match and both should coordinate with your dress.

Best for: Round Face Shapes

Hope this helps! 🙂

ツ aby

Photo source: google images

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