10 Wedding Mistakes

Got this from marieclaire.com thought it might be useful… 🙂

10 Wedding Mistakes.

1. Forgetting what the day is really about and losing perspective. It’s only 4-5 hours of your life.

2. Not involving your significant other in the planning process.

3. Getting intoxicated the night before can seriously take a toll on you. You’re going to be on your feet for hours upon hours the next day – Get your rest.

4. Being inconsiderate. Asking your guests to wear particular color, fly to Timbuktu, or bring.

5. Not adhering to a budget. Enough said.

6. Not having a Plan B. What if it rains? Do you have a back-up plan?

7. Not knowing your officiant and your DJ really well. These are the leaders of your ceremony and reception – They should have a clear idea of your expectations.

8. Wasting Money. Is it really necessary to get the $1000 pair of shoes for your day? Figure out what are the most important things to you – and go from there.

9. A lack of personality. Couples do the same cookie cutter wedding, and don’t put any of their own style and personality into it.

10. Letting the wedding take over your life; and your friends’ lives; and your families’ lives. It’s a large part of your life, but make sure that you don’t lose too much focus over it.

By Tatiana Byron


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