Truffle, Lusso & Mamou

The last 2 evenings were spent trying some posh restaurants in the city. Friday at Lusso, Greenbelt 5 and Saturday night at Mamou, Serendra.

Can’t get enough of truffle taste and aroma…At Lusso we had the Truffle Fries as starters, Lamb Duet for salad and Foie Gras Burger for Entree which is just super… I can still feel the taste up now, you guys definitely should try.

Coming to Mamou last night and thought of just having a simple salad, (Well, I did -Soft Shell Salad), My bf ordered some grilled pork and chicken and Truffle Cream Linguine, a simple pasta but very tasty and yummy… blame it on the truffle oil. Definitely must return for their steaks… they say its unforgettable.


Photo credits: Jay Jallorina

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