State of the GLAM

SONA had never been this glamorous. President Noy Noy Aquino’s 1st State of the nation address turned out to be like a FAMAS awards night (Film Academy of the Philippines). Ladies came in scene stealing gowns, nice clutches and fabulous make up and hair do.


Clap, Clap for Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez in powder blue Randy Ortiz terno, just so pretty. By the way, as for the president, he sported a new haircut and wore a JC Buendia signature barong. Now, time to watch speech 😉


Photo source: yahoo

4 thoughts on “State of the GLAM

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  2. I always dream of seeing, not necessarily meeting, Lucy Torres-Gomez in person not as the product endorser, not as the wife of then matinee idol Richard Gomez and mother of Juliana, not as an actress or a host nor a member of the 15th Congress but rather as a fashion icon.

    Finally, on December 2010 at the House of the Representative, I had seen her in person and had a photograph taken with her. She was so accomodating and as ever, she is adorable. She was in a black top, A-line grey skirt and in black pump. As always, she stand in her outfit.

    When I think of elegance and style, I always think of Lucy Torres-Gomez.

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