Charity, Vanity and a Hottie

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to work on 3 projects… One involves charity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a puritan or anywhere near that and I also don’t have so much, it just somehow gives me a great feeling knowing I’m going to make a kid’s dream come true.

Incidentally, I saw this article from Vanity Fair Online:  The 2010 International Best-Dressed List Style: and remembered this line from Chaucer: “If gold rusts what shall iron do?”

Take for example Mr. David Beckham

Photo Source:

OCCUPATION: Midfielder, Los Angeles Galaxy. RESIDENCE: Los Angeles. FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Dior jeans and white T-shirt. FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: A pair of A Bathing Ape Adidas Superstars from the Rivington Club, New York City. FAVORITE SHOES: N.D.C. soft suede lace brogues. FAVORITE TAILOR: Tom Ford, for the cut of the suit. FAVORITE WATCH: Sea Dweller Rolex. STYLE IDOL: Steve McQueen. FAVORITE CAUSE: Malaria No More. “No child in today’s age should die from a preventable disease. I’m passionate about supporting this charity, whose aim it is to eradicate deaths by malaria in Africa by 2015.”

I honestly believe that if people work hard for their money, they should be able to spend as they please. But like what they say “If you must flaunt your money, give it to charity, it’s a win-win situation”.

ツ aby

OCCUPATION: Recession Queen. RESIDENCE: No permanent residence FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Denim Shorts and White Shirt. FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: A MacBook Pro. FAVORITE SHOES: This is not possible, next please. FAVORITE TAILOR: Mang Bonnie in Kamuning. FAVORITE WATCH: Rolex, but I can’t afford STYLE IDOL: Carrie Bradshaw (fiction) and Kate Moss, Rachel Zoe . FAVORITE CAUSE: Because

P.S. Among the 44 best-dressed celebrities, I pick David Beckham for one obvious reason 🙂

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