4S in Bridal Shows

4 major, major things I learned after participating in last week’s Bridal Expo:  Size, Security, Symmetry and Sales Strategy.

Check dimensions and inclusions of the booth you’re renting.

If there is no vertical limit for your booth, make it as high as 4 meters to make it look grand.
In conceptualizing the booth design, always consider having a safe box or cabinet where you can put your valuables.

Make sure that the oganizers have ample security arrangements and better if the venue is covered by a CCTV system.

Make sure that there is a solid divider between adjacent booths. Attendees and potential clients will pass in front but thieves can easily reach through the back.

Make your booth bright and eye-catching. Great lighting and signage will do.

If a curtain is used as a divider, pick a dark-colored fabric so there won’t be a need to re-iron/press.

Keep your booth tidy. Do bring trash bins.
Sales Strategy:
Arrange for a staff of 2 to 3 who are capable of presenting your business to potential customers.

Double check your marketing materials – proof read and make sure that you’re showcasing your best works.

Print enough flyers, you can never tell how many people will attend the expo.

Prepare giveaways as all guests love samples and tokens! Candies, cake samples, brochures, balloons, flowers etc.

Be friends with your neighbors so you can extend your leafletting to their floor area.

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