Tempting 30’s

What’s best way to celebrate your 30th birthday?  Have a concept shoot!!!

That was what Ms. Jen Corpus did. Not something she usually do but is definitely worth the try. The photographer Jen indeed went infront of the camera and be a model for an afternoon.

Jen commissioned me to do her hair and make u.. She wanted  3 different looks in 3 layouts, we agreed on the prime, vintage/classic and modern-k pop look which all fits her and are all so fun!

Here is the before and “afters” of Jen:

And the jaw dropping outputs of photographer Ken Go

I wonder what she’ll do her next birthday.

ツ aby

2 thoughts on “Tempting 30’s

  1. It was indeed fun working with the best. Thanks a lot, of course, to the ever so gorgeous make-up artist i’ve met, Aby Valentos, and the talented Ken Go.

    You’re great Aby! I definitely made the RIGHT choice! *2 thumbs-up*

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