From Bagoong Club to Thaipan

Recently went to Kamuning to have my beau’s suit custom-made (by none other than my favorite tailor – Mang Bonnie).  After the fabric swatches comparison, measurements and endless haggling, hunger attacked and we needed a fix.  Bagoong Club – which was in the vicinity – instantly came to mind.

It’s my first time to be here.  The ambience has a feel similar to visiting your lola’s house.  Wooden walls and furniture, straight tagalog speaking waiters, etc.  We had krispy kare-kare and adobong kangkong…plenty enough for us three (our friend Marie was with us).  To sum the experience, we had a great dinner at a reasonable price.  For a more thorough review, just check out 🙂

What got me excited afterwards was coffee at the new Thai restaurant just beside Bagoong Club. The aesthetics and interiors was fantastic! The cleverly placed mirrors really impressed me. The place has a very modern, clean, minimalist design that makes you feel you are in an upscale resort, very different from Bagoong club.

Unfortunately, minus points had to be given for the coffee they served. Stale, cold and filled with residue, it almost ruined a great initial experience. Forgivable, I must say, since the place is still on a soft opening. Anyway, we have yet to try the food. Here’s hoping they improve their coffee by our next visit.

the cappucino I ordered

ツ aby

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