15 tips to look younger

HYDRATE YOUR BODY- Dry skin is dull and flaky. Moisturize your skin frequently during the day. If possible use olive oil, it is a gentle moisturizer plus it contains fatty acids that is similar to those found in our skin.

WEAR SUNSCREEN – This doesn’t only help you maintain your skin tone but also prolongs the appearance of age spots (though some call it freckles even at the age of 50).

MANAGE YOUR BROWS- Thick brow is a sign of youth. Very thin and dark brows can make you look older. Use an eyebrow pencil and do featherlike stokes to fill up brows.

INVEST IN THE RIGHT CONCEALER- Many concealer formulas sink into your creases, thus emphasizing fine lines rather than hiding it. Use a cream based concealer that has just the right amount of oil so the product wont move.

LIFT YOUR EYES WITH PENCIL -The softness of the pencil enlarges eyes than liquid liners do. reverse droopy eyelids, blend liner up at the outer corners with Q tip.

BRUSH BLUSH ON THE APPLES OF YOUR CHEEKS- This gives you the instant cheek lift, use warm pinks and apricot hues.

CHOOSE A LIGHTER SHADE OF LIPSTICK- Dark shades are just unflattering for mature skin as lips get thinner as you age. Use rosy reds and flesh-colored shades.

REMOVE MAKE UP BEFORE GOING TO BED-  Avoid clogged pores, it is important to get rid of the environmental pollution you’ve been exposed throughout the day. Wash away free radicals that causes break down of collagen and elastic tissue.

REFRIGERATE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS- You’ll get more lifting effect if the skin care product is cold and prolongs the shelf life too.

SUPERSIZE YOUR SUNGLASSES- Use oversized frames to get more protection around your eye area. To protect decollete area, throw in a scarf.

SHIELD YOUR WINDOWS- Lessen the sun exposure thru tinted windows, skin must be protected from UVA/UVB rays.

BABY YOUR HANDS- How hard we work to live may show in our hands,thus it also needs a little pampering, The same product we use on our face may also be used on our hands.

TREAT YOUR FEET- Even in sexiest shoes, rough and dry feet looks older. Keep it clean and moisturized.

HAVE YOUR EYES CHECKED- When you can’t see properly, you squint. This overcompensates the work your eye is doing and thus deepening your frown lines.

LIGHTEN UP YOUR TRESSES- Get a fab hair color. As a general rule the older you get the lighter you should go. Highlights and lowlights soften the face and make you look younger.

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Photo source: google images

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