Dopp Kit- The Gentleman’s Kikay Kit

Charles Doppelt, a leather maker from Chicago during the early 1900’s, invented Dopp Kit. It seems a simple idea: make a small bag that holds your toothbrush, shaving cream, razor and other stuff you need while on the road.

A Dopp kit can be leather and nylon material. Good leather material lasts longer and could be passed through generations. On the other hand, nylon dopp kits are washable and suited to the rough-and-tumble of travel.

Dopp Kit Essentials:

Small bottle of Body Wash

Small bottle of Shampoo



Shaving Cream





Lip Balm

Nail Clippers

Band Aids

Safety Pins

Lint Roller

Pain Reliever Tablets


Extra Money

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, so take a trip to the nearest shopping mall. This just might be what your dad/husband/significant other needs.


ツ aby

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