Missoni for Bugaboo

I’m due to deliver in a month and a half and I’m having a hard time completing baby stuff. Earlier, a friend from US introduced me to Bugaboo Bee strollers and baby carriers. I searched and yeah, was nice. But while surfing I landed upon this Bugaboo meets Missoni special collection and it’s just soooo…(I’m running out of adjectives…)…FASHION!!! The Italian icon in knitwear brings the baby/children stroller to a whole new dimension.

Check out this video.

The Bugaboo + Missoni special collection features two tailored designs. A bright block print adorns the Bugaboo Cameleon sun canopy and bassinet apron, while vibrant zigzags decorate the Bugaboo Bee sun canopy.

Each collection is completed with a knitted Missoni blanket. The luxury knitted blanket features Missoni’s signature craftsmanship and quality.

“It was a great joy to work on this project. Children are so sensitive to colours and patterns. Working with Bugaboo has given me a unique opportunity to create a dream stroller that I hope will be enjoyed by children and will stimulate their senses.” – Angela Missoni

Available exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

I so love this stroller set… There are just few questions I need to address. 1. Will it fit my son?  2. Will my son’s father kill me if I get my him this? 3. Should I just wait until I have a baby girl? 4. Will Missoni just sponsor a piece for me?

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