Rabbit on Horses

It’s almost Chinese New Year again and I thought of reviewing the predictions for my sign in 2011.

Let’s see what we got here…

CAREER: It said that I need to buckle down and bite tongue to cause less trouble- I forgot about this advice and It did caused me trouble actually. But I sticked to my job even when I got bored so that’s 1 point for me. And still I’m learning the value patience and quiet diligence, so I’m still waiting for the results. (1 point)

HEALTH: Yes, I’m mostly sick last year. I was pregnant and had bronchial asthma. The doctor advised me to get some sunlight, eat healthy and take a rest and I did. (1 point)

FINANCES: I didn’t see any money-making opportunities… I was busy taking care of myself and my baby. Damn! And I think my impulsive shopping tendencies could never be curbed. (0 points)

RELATIONSHIP: Last year was really a challenge to finally make a commitment. I’m a horse, I love to run free to my heart’s content but I learned to compromise a bit my freedom and independence to the ones I love. It said “Don’t give up who you are” and I didn’t. Perfect time will come. (2 points)

Chinese astrology is indeed true in this case.

It’s still 2 more weeks before the year of the water dragon starts but I’m excited already to get some tips on how I can make the most out of 2012.

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