Make Up Forever and NYFW

By the time I finish this post, My sister Intet ( might be starting with her New York Fashion Week coverage.

In preparation for her fashion week stint, we did a make up tutorial with the products Make Up Forever Philippines gave her.

L-R: Camouflage Cream Concealer, Loose Powder, Face and Body Liquid Foundation, HD Elixir Primer, Aqualiner in purple, Smokey Lash Mascara, HD cream blush, Smoky Eye Color Palette and Lip color palette.

Here are the 4 looks I’ve created for her using the products from Makeup Forever.

1. Smoky Metallic-  Tired of the usual hallow black? Use metallic blue, green or purple shades to make your eyes pop. Nude matte lips balances the whole look.

2. Cranberry Lips- Pick the right Bordeaux shade of lipstick. Add a sexier touch by applying gloss. Use shimmer white or beige eye color. Apply pale and simple blush and coat lashes with mascara.

3. Monochrome Eyes and Lips- Use beige, taupe and brown shades on lids. Finish the look with glossy nude lips and peach blush.

4. Big brow and Flushed cheeks- using the HD cream blush apply in circular motion using fingertips. Line brows, use dark brown or sable shade. Set the brows with a clear mascara.

Unfortunately the photos of the looks was with her en route to NYC so I couldn’t post it here right away.

Retro in the Metro

I seriously miss dressing up and being comfortable in whatever fabric, cut or style. Dreaming to be back in shape again immediately after giving birth,I created this set.

Retro in the Metro by abyvalentos featuring alexander wang handbags

Extra long sleeve shirt, $70
Sheer long sleeve shirt, $70
J Brand flare jeans, $392
ALDO platform shoes, $30
Alexander wang handbag, $835
Kendra Scott stone bracelet, $68
Peacock jewelry, 4
Dorothy Perkins short necklace, 20
Kenneth Jay Lane gold plated jewelry, $150
Kate Spade resin bangle, $64
Alexander wang sunglasses, €268
Dorothy Perkins skinny belt, 5
Wet Seal buckle belt, $8.50
Red Wooden “Peace” Sign – 6-3/4″ x 3″ – Christmas Holiday Sale – Sales, $0.99

I’m so into sheer Georgette shirts and wide leg pants now. Soooo 70’s! Disco Fever Fellas!

P.S. Nothing to worry I’m not taking the risk of  wearing these items with this baby bump.

Dopp Kit- The Gentleman’s Kikay Kit

Charles Doppelt, a leather maker from Chicago during the early 1900’s, invented Dopp Kit. It seems a simple idea: make a small bag that holds your toothbrush, shaving cream, razor and other stuff you need while on the road.

A Dopp kit can be leather and nylon material. Good leather material lasts longer and could be passed through generations. On the other hand, nylon dopp kits are washable and suited to the rough-and-tumble of travel.

Dopp Kit Essentials:

Small bottle of Body Wash

Small bottle of Shampoo



Shaving Cream





Lip Balm

Nail Clippers

Band Aids

Safety Pins

Lint Roller

Pain Reliever Tablets


Extra Money

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, so take a trip to the nearest shopping mall. This just might be what your dad/husband/significant other needs.


ツ aby

Scratch that Stretch

We hated oily skin when we were younger. Now, I’m a sucker for oils and at this moment there’s only 2 hydrating cream/ oil I wanted to have…asap.

Clarins Tonic Oil  and

Clarins Stretch Mark Control.

There’s no sign of stretch mark yet. But I believe that prevention is better than cure. If it won’t totally work at least reviews say it will reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Now, who among you will be so kind to send me these? My shopping list is super long already.

ツ aby

Must Shop at Paul & Joe

Let’s continue my addiction for French, Pastels and Prairie. I thought today I needed a new compact powder. My MAC studio fix NC 35 is nearly empty plus staying home for the past week lighten my skin tone a bit.

Having to submerge myself for the past few days with shabby chic pastels, Now I’m dying to have that floral, antique pink compact from Paul and Joe… and that blush and that cat shaped lipstick that is soooo cute!

Pastel mood board with Paul & Joe Cosmetics

Cat Shaped Lipsticks

Sorry for suddenly being so girly these past few days. Something greater than me is controlling how my brain works and how I feel. And that something is pregnancy.

For product details in the mood board click here.

ツ aby

6 Ways to Look and Feel 20 Years Younger

6 Ways to Look and Feel 20 Years Younger.

Science-based anti-aging strategies can help you turn back the clock by up to two decades—without surgery, reports a new book, 20 Years Younger, by fitness guru Bob Greene, Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer, and a team of experts. The coauthors are Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer, Tufts University nutritionist Diane McKay, Ph.D. and Ronald Kotler, MD, medical director of Pennsylvania Hospital Sleep Disorders Center.

The book’s rejuvenating program is based on four “pillars” designed to help readers shed stress, decrease or erase wrinkles, boost mental sharpness, and rev up energy. According to the authors, incorporating these pillars—the right nutrition, exercise, skin care and adequate sleep—in your life may slow down the effects of aging, so you look and feel younger than your true age. Here’s a look at six anti-aging lessons that I learned from the program: 

1. Select superfoods. Certain nutrient-dense foods can reduce the risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and other chronic diseases. Among those that Greene and his team recommend are blueberries, almonds, sweet potatoes, and olive oil. They also advise covering half your plate with brightly colored fruits and vegetables, which are packed with antioxidants and micronutrients, a strategy that’s helped me shed 22 pounds since these foods are also filling. Recent studies find that berries lower the threat of developing high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, while nuts and olive oil both help ward off heart disease, the leadingkiller of Americans.

23 Diet Plans Reviewed: Which one is right for you?

2. Limit yourself to 1,700 calories a day. Eating less is one of the best ways to extend life, since all too many of us dig our graves with a knife and fork: Up to half of heart disease cases, one-third of cancer cases, and up to 90 percent oftype 2 diabetes cases are linked to excess weight. Conversely, populations with a low-calorie diet have the world’s highest rates of centenarians. In Okinawa, Japan, for example, so many people live past 100 that there’s an ongoing study of their healthy habits, which include a cultural tradition called “hara hachi bu” (only eating until they feel 80 percent full). 

3. Walk uphill. According to Greene, an exercise physiologist, fitness should literally be an uphill battle, since using a flat treadmill is similar to walking downhill. You don’t get enough of a workout to rev up your metabolism the rest of the day, a key goal of a healthy workout. (The book advises at least 200 minutes of cardio per week, plus weight lifting to strengthen the core.) My trainer also recommends walking sideways on a slanted treadmill—try it and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to feel the burn! 

4. Use sunscreen daily. Having lost my father to melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, I commend Greene for advocating the use of sunscreen for both prevention of skin cancer and premature wrinkles brought on by baking in the sun’s rays. The program includes a three-step facial rejuvenating plan: exfoliating with a dime-sized dab of skin polish, cleansing with an upward circular motion, and using an antioxidant-rich nourisher. Oprah claims that after following this routine for a few weeks, she noticed visible improvement.

Sleep more soundly with these 10 natural remedies.

5. Slim down by sleeping more. Up to 70 million Americans don’t get the seven to nine hours of sleep a night necessary for optimal health. Not only does that raise risk for heart attacks and diabetes, but it can also make us fat. Getting more rest is literally a dream diet, according to Dr. Kotler, because as we sleep, our bodies produce an appetite-suppressing chemical called leptin, making it easier to avoid overeating during the day.

6. Dim the lights at night. One bad habit that robs us of rest—and I admit that I’m a chronic offender—is using a computer (or watching TV) late a night, because the bright light from the screen tricks the brain into being wakeful instead of slowing down for shut-eye at bedtime. The sleep secret he advises may sound drastic: Get rid of all lights in the bedroom, except for a dim safety light. However, given the life-extending benefits of adequate sleep, it may be worth a try, much as my night owl nature resists this commonsense solution.

Follow these five key ways to lead a long, healthy life. 


I wanted to add…

Tip Number #7: Tell the wrong age, it always works. 🙂

ツ aby