Life & Luis

I wish I am not in this roller coaster ride of emotions, so I can share the usual good stuff, great find post. But then again, the reality of life is not all good stuff.

My usual multitasking self was put to test last week. I delivered my second son Luis Zavier Angelo preterm at 26 weeks. Small and frail at 2.04lbs and 13cm. Eight days passed since his unexpected birth, he is in stable condition and continuously fighting for his life. Luis is indeed a stronger version of me.

Sometimes I want to fast forward time so I can better understand the situation I am in right now. Sometimes I try to dissect all decisions and judgments I made to be put to this challenge. At times I feel safe because I know he is in the hands of good doctors. Sometimes, I just want to feel happy because I know I was given a chance to be a better mom but most of the time I just pray because I realize that I can never control the situation, as God will always be the one in charge.



Thank you to our family and friends that have extended help and who are continuously praying for Luis’ fast recovery.



Photo Diary: Joaquin’s Christening Details

 Presenting Joaquin’s christening details! 🙂

Shirt: Zara baby, Bow tie: Periwinkle

Pants: Gingersnaps, Shoes: B’gosh

Ballpens (literally) for giveaways

More giveaways: Chocolate Sansrival and Choco Truffle Mini Cakes

Fondant cake by Blisscakes

Some of you might be interested to hold weddings and christening at Archbishop’s Palace Villa San Miguel, Here are some photos.

Small Chapel

Don’t you love this E-invite we sent to all our guests?

And a little souvenir from the shoot…

Footwear: Baby Edition

Special Feature: Joaquin’s 1st month footwear.

Cute eh?

By next week we will be changing his wardrobe and footwear already as he grows pretty fast. So it’s true…breastfeeding is still best for babies 2 years and below. 🙂

P.S. I’ve been wanting to shot my footwear like these…but no time yet due to momma duties. Maybe next month.