Feast at the Palace



lobster in garlic sauce


steamed lapu lapu

Yeah, it’s been a busy month. If you happen to pass by my blog and see no update, my apologies. It’s not that there’s not much happening coz there so many happenings that I barely have time to take photos and document everything. Anyway, couple of days ago, we had a seven course meal at Summer Palace, Edsa Shangri-la to celebrate a special occasion. Everything looked and taste delicious that I forgot to take each course a photo, imagine that. Here’s the list of the items just incase you’re interested.











And here’s Joaquin at the foyer after enjoying his special congee.

We love taking him around the metro for dine out, coffee and night out (Yes, even night out, most recent at Malcolm’s Salcedo).  He is very behaved, ever sociable and always cheerful.

The Look: General Luna

We got lost for nearly an hour trying to find Rose Bowl restaurant in Baguio. It was formerly situated along session road and google maps is not updated on its new location. After like 3 U turns and 6 stops to ask locals/boy scouts/policemen for directions, we finally got to have our über late lunch. And here are my outfit shots.

Top: Zara, Skirt: Terranova, Sunnies: Mango, Tote: Zara, Necklace: Forever 21

Rose Bowl restaurant is now located at General Luna St., Baguio City.

HK Foodie

Hi guys, here are my gastronomic delights collection from our past trips to Hong Kong and Macau. Something you might wanna try on your next visit to HK.

Roasted Goose from Mun Dan Ting Restaurant. (Hankow Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui)

Delicious fare from Tsin Hang Village (Miramar Mall, Nathan Road) Shrimp Dumpling, Roasted Goose, Sweet and Sour Soup and Fried Rice.

Here’s a picture of me eating Steamed Chicken at a street side eatery along Jordan Road

Mongkok  Street Food

Delight yourselves with Macanese/Portuguese cuisine at Carlos Restaurant, Macau.

Yummy Lechon De Leche with Saffron Rice  (above) and Prawn Curry. Carlos Restaurant is situated along Rua Cidade de Braga, Macau.

Share your Hong Kong’s best kept restaurants here, post, post! 

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Boracay 2011

I didn’t get to enjoy my Boracay vacation last week because I feel sick most of the time. I wasn’t able to touch the water on the beach, would like believe it?

Anyhow, there are 3 things I enjoyed on my 3 days stay in the island.

1.The Boracay Poi dancers. I think it is one of Boracay’s main attraction now. Graceful fire dancing show while enjoying your dinner and drinks.

2. Paradise Garden Resort (One MGM) massage- their massage area is in a nipa hut (bahay kubo) near the beach with fresh linens and towels, relaxing massage plus complimentary hot tea. Price? Only Php 400/for  1 hour massage.

3. Dos Mestizos’ Authentic Spanish cuisine- definitely one of Boracay’s best restaurant.

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Sorry, i wasn’t able to take photos. I wasn’t really feeling well that time. But here is a video of Poi dancing I found in youtube.com

Eat and Run

Eat and Run, literally that’s what we did earlier this evening. My friend Victor and I filled our tummies with JR burger, fries, Philly steak sandwich and glasses and glasses of iced tea served at the grand opening of Johnny Rockets Tomas Morato.

Then went straight to UP Diliman to take my diet and exercise regimen to the next level. To be honest, I’m ok with my once or twice a week Yoga practice as my exercise, but there’s “this guy” who bought me a pair of running shoes (Nike Lunarglide). The feeling of “not having any excuse of not using it for its purpose” is really really bad. Anyway, It has been decided, I will try this running thing but only with a new running outfit. Silly, I know. Here’s the look:

I like the orange and neon green contrast, that’s why I picked the orange running shorts. The white dri-fit shirt is on sale, so I instantly grab it. 🙂

So thanks to Victor for guiding me on my first running day 🙂

ツ aby

P.S.  Johnny Rockets is also located the Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City and watch out for the opening of their 3rd outlet at Robinson’s Galleria on December.

Truffle, Lusso & Mamou

The last 2 evenings were spent trying some posh restaurants in the city. Friday at Lusso, Greenbelt 5 and Saturday night at Mamou, Serendra.

Can’t get enough of truffle taste and aroma…At Lusso we had the Truffle Fries as starters, Lamb Duet for salad and Foie Gras Burger for Entree which is just super… I can still feel the taste up now, you guys definitely should try.

Coming to Mamou last night and thought of just having a simple salad, (Well, I did -Soft Shell Salad), My bf ordered some grilled pork and chicken and Truffle Cream Linguine, a simple pasta but very tasty and yummy… blame it on the truffle oil. Definitely must return for their steaks… they say its unforgettable.


Photo credits: Jay Jallorina

For here or to go?

Here are my two new discoveries on my culinary exploration this week

  1. Buon Giorno – Yes, it’s now in Manila, the famous Italian bistro in Tagaytay is now in the city and it’s just stone throw away from our house. Had a taste of my favorite Foie Gras Salad and it was wonderful! Buon Giorno is located at The Park right beside Puregold on Shaw Blvd. By the way, the iconic day bed with white curtains is also available for seating.
  2. Rustan’s Gourmet to go- My grocery errands introduced me to this new concept of Rustan’s supermarket, Makati. Your eyes won’t miss the variety of sandwich, salad and pastas that looked so healthy and fresh, you can’t help but to try.  I ordered Chicken Sandwich with Cranberry and it’s so yummy, plus I could carry it around while rushing to my next destination. Instantly, I wished I’m staying in a condo in Makati so I could get this fresh, healthy and convenient meals (see below photo).


Photo source: philstar.com

Tagaytay’s Gastronomic Suprises

Lately, I visited Tagaytay again and tried another great restaurant- Mano’s Greek Taverna.

Off the grill- Lamb Shoulder served with rice and fries, Super Beef Shawarma

Greens- Lettuce salad in calamansi vinaigrette.


but my list of restaurants to visit are still incomplete. I have read and heard so many good reviews on the ff:

-Marcia Adams Tuscany




And of course here are the tried, tested and recommended – Boun Giorno, Fire Lake Grill, Bag of Beans, Massimo’s, Sonya’s Garden, Leslie’s among others.

Tagaytay… aside from the cool weather and view of Taal Volcano is fast becoming being gastronomic destination.

I would really love to live in this place, no matter how active they say Taal is.


Photo credits: michecesa.wordpress.com

Its not hard at all

I’ve been obsessed in weight loosing these past months, although I haven’t achieved my desired figure, I lost 7 lbs already.

Most of the people i know calls me crazy, But what can I do, I want to look better.

So here are my few cheats/ diet tricks that might be useful to you:

1. Fiber First – eat fruit and fiber before anything else, by doing so any other food consumed during the day will easily pass through.

2. Glucose is Glu-cause – to battle bloat eliminate sweeteners, sugar alcohols from diet.

3. You Got to Move it – exercise! More than the physical improvements it makes you feel better.

4. The Key is the Core–  try  doing Yoga Plank Position-similar to push ups. This strengthens the core and the obliques, drawing your midsection up and in.

5. Stand Up Straight – good posture can make u an inch or 2 taller, thus slender.

Lastly, My Yoga instructor has taught us a new mantra- Navel to Spine. So whether you’re standing, sitting, dancing, driving, etc. make it a habit. It works for your abs. 🙂


Photo credits: Jay Jallorina

Kusina Salud Boni Special Buffet

Kusina Salud invites us to come and celebrate The Great Plebeian Andres Bonifacio’s 147th birthday with them
on November 29, 2009 with a special Boni Birthday Sunday Lunch Buffet!

I love Kusina Salud, great tasting dishes, (yummy paco salad is my favorite,) fresh ingredients, very nice place and accommodating staff and more! You will surely enjoy your visit.

For more details, please click on this link :

Kusina Salud is located in San Pablo Laguna

For more information and to make reservations,
kindly contact Obet at 0921.7726985 or 049.5736155

or visit kusinasalud.multiply.com

For a map from Manila to Kusina Salud, please click on this link.

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