Great Outdoors

Joaquin has been our favorite subject, our best subject…since he was born. He’s usually behaved in front of the camera, he smiles and giggles. My 9 month old boy enjoys traveling and just like his father, he loves the nature.

So we had an outdoor themed photo shoot last sunday…yeah, he looks more like a kid than a baby.

Joaquin at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Joaquin at Burnham Park, Baguio City

Joaquin at Anawangin Cove, Zambales

In behalf of my partner Jay Jallorina, we would also like to thank his sponsors: Canon EOS digital, Benro, Phottix and Canon Pixma.

I hope you like this set and stay tuned for more!

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The Look: General Luna

We got lost for nearly an hour trying to find Rose Bowl restaurant in Baguio. It was formerly situated along session road and google maps is not updated on its new location. After like 3 U turns and 6 stops to ask locals/boy scouts/policemen for directions, we finally got to have our über late lunch. And here are my outfit shots.

Top: Zara, Skirt: Terranova, Sunnies: Mango, Tote: Zara, Necklace: Forever 21

Rose Bowl restaurant is now located at General Luna St., Baguio City.

Photo Diary: Baguio 2012

Every year for like 6 years I’ve been visiting Baguio city. But this is very special trip as I spent the holy week with my whole family.

Joaquin chillin’ at Camp John Hay

Valentos boys with Mama and Papa

Karl in Ray-Ban aviators

Valentos Family (not so fond of Ray-Ban aviators noh?)

Me and my Joaquin

Lunch at Rose Bowl restaurant, Thanksgiving lunch for Joaquin’s 6 months of good health.

Rose Bowl restaurant’s Lechon Kawali

Karl’s first bike ride at Burnham Park

Joaquin’s first bike ride too…

Intet posing for her lookbook shot and this boy came up to her.

with Karl


Dinner at Mario’s restaurant

Joaquin at 6 months enjoys Starbucks!

Ready to go back to  Manila

Joaquin’s Lookbook- Shirt: Zara baby, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: Circo

Between Fashion and Furniture

I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture – Carrie Bradshaw.

Since cannot do fashion forward nowadays, I kept myself busy decorating the new apartment. Yes, I “halfly” moved to the new apartment… Halfly, coz most days are still spent in here at my parents unit.

Some of the furniture I ordered arrived already, I really want to share with you here but my Olympus Pen is currently in the hospital. I broke its LCD and it will take one month to get fixed. (The Bf of course has a Canon SLR but he’s mostly out of the town). I will just make a different blog post for the apartment interiors soon.

Last week, I was surprised to receive a virtual card from Banco de Oro (to be used for online purchases only). Even on house arrest situations, these banks give you reason to spend. Virtual card is still unused as of writing. I’m delaying my fashion purchases until after I deliver this boy…safely.

Missing my pre-pregnancy activities, I came up with TOP 10 MUST DO by November. Scroll down….

1. Buy Shoes and Wear High Heels- Been wearing slippers and flats for almost 5 months now. I miss high heels… I want those sky-high wedges and platforms from Jeffrey Campbell too.

2. Color, Cut, Style my Hair- This is  way overdue. Since January I want locks, big brown locks.

3. Update my wardrobe – New dresses, shirts, shorts, whatever! I’m starting to get bored with garterized bottoms and maxi dresses.

4. Go back to Yoga Classes – I got to get back in shape ASAP.

5. Drink Coffee- The doctor said I could drink a cup of coffee per day, But this alkaline taste wouldn’t wanna leave me thus losing my craving for coffee.

6. Hit the Spa- aromatherapy, swedish massage, body scrub… I miss self pampering treats.

7. Go out of the City- Either beach or highlands it doesn’t matter, I just wanna see new places.

8. Visit my Dermatologist- I need facial treatment, diamond peel, wart removal and so many more…

9. Organize a Party- For sure I needed to organize the baptism of this little boy.

10. Redecorate the apartment for Christmas- First christmas with the baby, I’m sure the apartment will need a festive look!

For now… I have to order some more furniture and home decors to make the apartment look more… homey and find a perfect name for this baby boy.

Dopp Kit- The Gentleman’s Kikay Kit

Charles Doppelt, a leather maker from Chicago during the early 1900’s, invented Dopp Kit. It seems a simple idea: make a small bag that holds your toothbrush, shaving cream, razor and other stuff you need while on the road.

A Dopp kit can be leather and nylon material. Good leather material lasts longer and could be passed through generations. On the other hand, nylon dopp kits are washable and suited to the rough-and-tumble of travel.

Dopp Kit Essentials:

Small bottle of Body Wash

Small bottle of Shampoo



Shaving Cream





Lip Balm

Nail Clippers

Band Aids

Safety Pins

Lint Roller

Pain Reliever Tablets


Extra Money

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, so take a trip to the nearest shopping mall. This just might be what your dad/husband/significant other needs.


ツ aby

HK Foodie

Hi guys, here are my gastronomic delights collection from our past trips to Hong Kong and Macau. Something you might wanna try on your next visit to HK.

Roasted Goose from Mun Dan Ting Restaurant. (Hankow Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui)

Delicious fare from Tsin Hang Village (Miramar Mall, Nathan Road) Shrimp Dumpling, Roasted Goose, Sweet and Sour Soup and Fried Rice.

Here’s a picture of me eating Steamed Chicken at a street side eatery along Jordan Road

Mongkok  Street Food

Delight yourselves with Macanese/Portuguese cuisine at Carlos Restaurant, Macau.

Yummy Lechon De Leche with Saffron Rice  (above) and Prawn Curry. Carlos Restaurant is situated along Rua Cidade de Braga, Macau.

Share your Hong Kong’s best kept restaurants here, post, post! 

ツ aby

Boracay 2011

I didn’t get to enjoy my Boracay vacation last week because I feel sick most of the time. I wasn’t able to touch the water on the beach, would like believe it?

Anyhow, there are 3 things I enjoyed on my 3 days stay in the island.

1.The Boracay Poi dancers. I think it is one of Boracay’s main attraction now. Graceful fire dancing show while enjoying your dinner and drinks.

2. Paradise Garden Resort (One MGM) massage- their massage area is in a nipa hut (bahay kubo) near the beach with fresh linens and towels, relaxing massage plus complimentary hot tea. Price? Only Php 400/for  1 hour massage.

3. Dos Mestizos’ Authentic Spanish cuisine- definitely one of Boracay’s best restaurant.

ツ aby


Sorry, i wasn’t able to take photos. I wasn’t really feeling well that time. But here is a video of Poi dancing I found in

Bora Bound

Last time I visited “the island” was hmm… like… 4 years ago, long time huh? So tomorrow, I’ll get my all expense paid pocket vacation to Boracay!

3 days and 2 nights of fine white sand, hot summer sun, tan lines, beach party, mango shake, dreadlocks, hilot massage, fresh coconut juice, reggae music, large crowd etc, etc. Better get ready!

God bless my soul! 🙂

ツ aby

Photo credits: Jay Jallorina