Best for Babies

Here are some over the counter skin/beauty products that Baby Joaquin and I share.

For Joaquin: use before bath

For Me: mix with my body lotion for more emollient feel

For Joaquin: Body Bath

For Me: Facial Cleanser and Make Up remover

For Joaquin: Body Bath (option 2)

For Me: Feminine Wash

For Joaquin: Body Lotion

For Me: Body Lotion… smells so goood!

Best for babies, best for me. 🙂

Zara Baby

Summer End of Season Sale means that early shopping for baby clothes…Ah summer love!

Got some cool dude clothing from Zara for my bambino…Yah, it’s a boy. 🙂

L-R:  Yacht Bibs P495 (pack of 2),Yacht Onsies P745 (pack of 2), Statement Onsies P495 (pack of 2),Colored Onsies P895 (pack of 5)

Shirt: P345, Pants: P880, Socks:P245 (pack of 3)

And for the first time I didn’t get anything for myself.

Shopping for baby clothes is exciting but a bit hard. Can’t wait to try these on my little boy.