HK Foodie

Hi guys, here are my gastronomic delights collection from our past trips to Hong Kong and Macau. Something you might wanna try on your next visit to HK.

Roasted Goose from Mun Dan Ting Restaurant. (Hankow Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui)

Delicious fare from Tsin Hang Village (Miramar Mall, Nathan Road) Shrimp Dumpling, Roasted Goose, Sweet and Sour Soup and Fried Rice.

Here’s a picture of me eating Steamed Chicken at a street side eatery along Jordan Road

Mongkok  Street Food

Delight yourselves with Macanese/Portuguese cuisine at Carlos Restaurant, Macau.

Yummy Lechon De Leche with Saffron Rice  (above) and Prawn Curry. Carlos Restaurant is situated along Rua Cidade de Braga, Macau.

Share your Hong Kong’s best kept restaurants here, post, post! 

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Boracay 2011

I didn’t get to enjoy my Boracay vacation last week because I feel sick most of the time. I wasn’t able to touch the water on the beach, would like believe it?

Anyhow, there are 3 things I enjoyed on my 3 days stay in the island.

1.The Boracay Poi dancers. I think it is one of Boracay’s main attraction now. Graceful fire dancing show while enjoying your dinner and drinks.

2. Paradise Garden Resort (One MGM) massage- their massage area is in a nipa hut (bahay kubo) near the beach with fresh linens and towels, relaxing massage plus complimentary hot tea. Price? Only Php 400/for  1 hour massage.

3. Dos Mestizos’ Authentic Spanish cuisine- definitely one of Boracay’s best restaurant.

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Sorry, i wasn’t able to take photos. I wasn’t really feeling well that time. But here is a video of Poi dancing I found in