Horse on 2012


Things are looking up for you this year, Horse! After all, it’s certainly more exciting to fly with the Dragon than go bunny-hopping with the Rabbit. You’ve got ten favorable months to go out and do whatever it takes to bring yourself happiness. Success? You bet — and in many different areas of your life! And since it’s a Water year, travel, education, networking and communication could all be great for you. Take some chances. Try something different. Make a commitment. Your two biggest mistakes would be to either hold back or get too carried away with the Dragon’s unbridled enthusiasm. The Dragon’s fast pace can be oh-so-appealing for your tastes — don’t be afraid to go with it, but do stay under control and know when to put on the brakes.


Does it feel like the past year has been preparing you for something great? As you leap into the Dragon year, it’s time to take action. In fact, you can probably land that big promotion or start that company you’ve been dreaming of. Just be careful once you get there. Being on top feels good, sure, but you might lose sight of the work it took to get there. Don’t let the Dragon’s brashness get the best of you. Get yourself familiar with any new duties at your current job and study the terrain ahead before you charge forth. If you’re a wise and knowledgeable leader, the rest will fall into place.


Couldn’t you use a little romance? This year could bring big changes in your love life. The Dragon loves weddings, parties and pretty much any reason to celebrate, so there’s a good chance you’ll hear wedding bells or see the dazzle of a new romance lighting up your life. If you’re typical of your sign, you might not be keen on settling down, but now is the time to work through any relationship issues by either moving forward or cutting ties for good. If you’re single, some hot and heavy affairs could punctuate the year. As long as you remember they might be short-lived, have fun!


After a subdued Rabbit year, you might feel the need to overcompensate with a busy schedule. Are you busting at the seems to work, travel, socialize, plan and network? Whoa, Horse. Sure, you can get yourself jazzed up through larger-than-life Dragon energy, but don’t drive yourself into the ground. A lot will be required of you this year, so make health and fitness two of your top priorities. You may have the kind of personality that prefers fast-paced action sports, but you may want to try some mind-body activities, such as yoga or meditation, this year. It’s a Water year, so swimming or kayaking are smart choices as well. Finally, be careful about eating fast food — or not eating at all — as you burn the midnight oil.


You’re set to do well in your career this year, but you’ll need to watch your spending. The name of the game is restraint, and while it’s not a word native to your species, it’s time you learned and lived it. In a Dragon year, it can be easy to spend beyond your means. After all, with big things happening, why not indulge a little, right? Here’s why: You could lose big! Things may not be as straightforward as they seem, so get your facts straight before jumping into investment opportunities or signing contracts. If you can practice playing things on the safe side, it’s likely you’ll come out ahead.


I’m excited, Let’s do this water dragon!

Rabbit on Horses

It’s almost Chinese New Year again and I thought of reviewing the predictions for my sign in 2011.

Let’s see what we got here…

CAREER: It said that I need to buckle down and bite tongue to cause less trouble- I forgot about this advice and It did caused me trouble actually. But I sticked┬áto my job even when I got bored so that’s 1 point for me. And still I’m learning the value patience and quiet diligence, so I’m still waiting for the results. (1 point)

HEALTH: Yes, I’m mostly sick last year. I was pregnant and had bronchial asthma. The doctor advised me to get some sunlight, eat healthy and take a rest and I did. (1 point)

FINANCES: I didn’t see any money-making opportunities… I was busy taking care of myself and my baby. Damn! And I think my impulsive shopping tendencies could never be curbed. (0 points)

RELATIONSHIP: Last year was really a challenge to finally make a commitment. I’m a horse, I love to run free to my heart’s content but I learned to compromise a bit my freedom and independence to the ones I love. It said “Don’t give up who you are” and I didn’t. Perfect time will come. (2 points)

Chinese astrology is indeed true in this case.

It’s still 2 more weeks before the year of the water dragon starts but I’m excited already to get some tips on how I can make the most out of 2012.