Gorgeous Gourds

Look what I’ve found at The Flower Shop of Rustan’s Supermarket…Decorative Gourds!

Now you can spruce up your dining table or buffet table to complete that Halloween look. Lasts up to 2-3 months and is sold at P200 per kilo.

Happy Halloween!

Quick Fixes

I ran to Rustan’s immediately after my yoga practice today to look for 2 things: shimmer lotion and errr… Maidenform nipple covers (I prefer  a reliable brand for sensitive body parts as such). Anyway, I was able to find both items. Initially was expecting to get the Jergens shimmer lotion but it’s no longer in the market. The Palmers Body Gloss is the next best thing, I ‘m not fond of the Cocoa scent but I got it anyway.

The third item was of course if not part of the list, but I just have to try it. Cosmos Pre Glued Falsies, now I wont be a having a hard time putting on falsies on myself, plus it’s reusable, Nice eh?

ツ aby

Stila is a player

Stila’s warehouse sale is happening online!

Up to 12 midnight today (Aug 8, 2010 )  you can now shop  Stila’s fabulous array of cult-favorite lip glazes, cheek tints, eyeshadow palettes, etc. at a very lovely price.

Don’t forget to check out the “Make Up Beauty Player”, this gadget functions like the regular iPod dock but also merges a makeup kit.  Helps you get into the groove while getting ready for a night out or watch beauty/make up tutorials while you do your make up!

Make Up Beauty player is priced at $69.90, including One Step Makeup Foundation, Eye Shadow Trio & #7 Eye Shadow Brush, Convertible Color for lips & cheeks, and lip glaze, a deal that is very hard to resist!

Stila is available in all Rustan’s Department Stores (Phil) and Sephora Outlets worldwide.

ツ aby

Juliette’s great defenses

My current inspiration at this moment… design, color and scent included.

Juliette has a gun’s  first 2 fragrances Ms Charming and Lady Vengeance. First was sweet and innocent, reminds you of Provençal garden. The latter was sexy, confident and seductive but both are contemporary and inevitable. Romano Ricci (great-grandson of  Nina Ricci) made a really nice collaboration with Francis Kurkdjian.

Oh, by the way, Juliette has a gun is available in 6 scents now, both in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

ツ aby

For here or to go?

Here are my two new discoveries on my culinary exploration this week

  1. Buon Giorno – Yes, it’s now in Manila, the famous Italian bistro in Tagaytay is now in the city and it’s just stone throw away from our house. Had a taste of my favorite Foie Gras Salad and it was wonderful! Buon Giorno is located at The Park right beside Puregold on Shaw Blvd. By the way, the iconic day bed with white curtains is also available for seating.
  2. Rustan’s Gourmet to go- My grocery errands introduced me to this new concept of Rustan’s supermarket, Makati. Your eyes won’t miss the variety of sandwich, salad and pastas that looked so healthy and fresh, you can’t help but to try.  I ordered Chicken Sandwich with Cranberry and it’s so yummy, plus I could carry it around while rushing to my next destination. Instantly, I wished I’m staying in a condo in Makati so I could get this fresh, healthy and convenient meals (see below photo).


Photo source: philstar.com